Sunday, 27 December 2009

The Coming Home Theme from Local Hero

Mark Knoffler

Ok so it wasn't me that sparked the security delays at Inverness airport today but when my buds on Facebook started to discuss settling down in front of the fire and I looked at Darling, cool as hell reading the Sunday Times, I remembered the lighter in my pocket. It crossed my mind that Easyjet might make more effort to get us home if I flicked and lit....Fortunately common sense kicked in and I sat down and chatted to Tick Ma Kennerley, who I haven't seen to speak to for twenty years and whose daughter Char was my bessie for many many years. Wierdly Charlotte turned up on a bleak June day ten years ago, out of the blue. I was bereaved, had broken my foot the day before but ignored it, and had three toddlers and an absentee husband. I hadn't seen her for a few years before that so it was a wonderful surprise. She loaded me into her Mini Metro, we had the foot set in Gloucester hospital, came home and together we worked out a strategy for survival for the next six weeks while the bone mended. I seem to remember the case of vodka at the top of the list was her idea. Once she felt she'd dealt with us she left as swiftly as she'd arrived and I haven't seen her since - until today. Serendipity. Or just an intuitive good friend.

So we did it. We partied hard up north and laughed. We met great new people, ate well, loved our family. Boy 15 and his Aunt 24 admitted that the chundering was revenge for her mother's obsessive clearing up and plumping of cushions. He got away with it this time but I have my BDI on him. Let's hope he hasn't inherited my 'Big Problem, Buy Vodka' gene. And no, the iPhone did not materialise. Birthday in February so plenty of time to nag and whine.

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