Saturday, 19 December 2009

The Wedding Anniversary

Double darnit... he remembered. Back in the good old days when Darling didn't know better, forgetting birthdays and anniversaries was the norm. This would result in knife throwing that would have earned me a job with the circus until I knew for sure that he had noticed me. Today was different. Tea in bed and an over generous, carefully chosen present. Then coffee and a bacon sandwich and I was allowed HP sauce on it. He didn't even raise an eyebrow or make chundering noises at that.

Now I discover that the utter bastard has booked a table at the good pub. This is fighting dirty and I don't quite know how to react. It was all so much easier in the forgetting years. Even worse, I have been completely caught out, and done nothing. No card, no present.

Time to slip on a party frock the killer heels and be every way. Lick your lips, pout and party...


  1. Perhaps Darling has been secretly monitoring the FB comments and decided it's time to make things right!

  2. No I discovered over pub supper that one of the children had alerted him. Funny how they can't think for themselves but can think for him. Grrrrr