Friday, 15 January 2010


Back here where I come from we have an Elder Statesman who very efficiently and generously keeps us villagers up to date with all the local news, social and political. He does this wearing a PCC hat, but in truth, its more like voluntary community service. Having been snowed in for a week, I could hardly believe my eyes when todays e-mail notices warned of flooding, with a tongue in cheek editorial note warning of plagues of frogs. I am particularly sensitive to this idea as I travel in the knowledge that somewhere in my pre-frontal cortex there is a box of frogs which lies doggo for most of the time, but leaps into action if nudged. However the snow is melting and nothing could compare with the horror and suffering in Haiti at the moment. The hungry and thirsty there are becoming desperate and angry and I cannot imagine how it would feel so be so violently and terrifyingly dispossessed, or worse.

So yes Nick, when I say 'I can't take anymore!' you are right to answer 'Oh yes you can...' Of course I can. This is nothing.

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