Friday, 8 January 2010

The Mink Trumper is on your rabbit thread.

As all parents of school age children know, Facebook is evil and should NOT be allowed in the home of any loving caring family.

This was the message that was sent home from my children's school about three years ago and has given me hours of entertainment, and even, on some occasions real happiness. Naturally as soon as I read that Headmaster's letter I was intrigued (in a bad way) and set up an account. I sat back and waited for the paedophiles and perverts to come and groom me. I waited and waited, and whilst I waited I looked about a bit and found a load of friends and family also mooching about. Some I knew well, some not so well, some not at all but who have been introduced to me. The group of friends grows almost daily and the good humour, mutual emotional and creative support and encouragement and genuine empathy (particularly for the bereaved and the insomniacs) has been almost breathtaking. Anyone who thinks that all human kind is cruel would have to perform a swift volte-face in the face of my facebook.

The point is, that Facebook isn't evil, but young people can be cruel, and that kindness sometimes has to be learned. Maybe, like youth being wasted on the young, Facebook is too. You have to have been kicked about a bit in order to know that kicking is bad. And Facebook isn't a replacement for real friends and real life. It just runs alongside it, enhances it. And when you are snowed in, or alone, you aren't.

And as for the title of this piece, The Mink Trumper is on your rabbit thread. Well, it was a message I got last night and I have been laughing about it all day. It would take too long to explain, but she knows who she is and I am glad she got home safely. And to date, not a single perv.


  1. I LOVE this echoes all that I would say about FB. : )

  2. Good. For me the whole fb experience has been really great. x